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Powering up Ukrainian Air Defence with computer equipment

Laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, mikrotics, batteries to enhance unit decision-making and coordination efficiency. 10+ professionals team, 30+ various partners. More than 1000 computers delivered.

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We're excited to see our fundraiser for 20 tablets for Air Defense being run on Software Architecture fwdays'23 conference this year. Please find info on the fundraiser and our deck & video here.

50%+ of the equipment we pass to units is donated by companies.
Wanna help us?

Get this presentation to your company management to try getting more computers for Air Defence

Take a look into our deliveries

More photos can be found on our Facebook page

Our goal

Enhancing coordination quality and decision-making speed in Air Defense by providing computer equipment to the units

Early detection -> Tracking targets -> Intercepting them -> Assessing results

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Our team is working with the units from all directions: East, South, Center, and West

We're trusted by Armed Forces

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: sign of appreciation 

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: sign of appreciation 

Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces: sign of appreciation 

Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces: sign of appreciation 

Our main projects

Our deliveries ledger

Legal partners
Donate money

Wanna support us in purchasing equipment for Air Defense ?


* - donation processing is done in collaboration with Sunflower Seeds 501c

Our non-profit partners

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Interested to donate your  laptop or other computer equipment?

Laptops. Monitors. Desktops. TV sets. Tablets. It can be "your Partiot" in the Ukrainian fight for Independence! 

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